Ketogenic – Paleo – Bulletproof Diet

What being on a Ketogenic – Paleo – Bulletproof Diet means to me:

For starters, Ketogenic, Paleo and Bulletproof Diet all share their attention to the carbohydrate to protein to fat ratios of the foods we eat.  While they differ in those ratios, suggestions about fasting and where we source foods, in some combination of the three together, they inform me as I listen more and more carefully to what my body needs and to what exactly I need from those ratios in any given day.  If this is all sounding a bit overwhelming already, hang on because it absolutely does get better and, at least for me personally, the pay off for even taking a stab at any one of them has been immense.

Personally, I hang out in the Bulletproof lifestyle more than any other for reasons I’ll get into as my blog develops.

For my history, I’m deeply steeped in and come from a culture where being thin and thinner has ruled much of my life.  My history orients me around learning to cook professionally, obsessing about food, building my own food business, while at the same time vehemently pursuing whatever the latest ‘diet’ craze had to offer.  Finally I’ve landed on truly understanding the role of carbohydrates to my health has my overall health and wellbeing has now greatly improved.

Today I’m so much less concerned with how much I weigh because I feel so much better eating a low carb, high fat, moderate protein diet.  What a relief!  Building up my lifestyle to accommodate the support I need to stay on tract, eat what works for me and love my life is what’s paramount to me these days.  And surprise, surprise, I drop weight as I want to.

This is the ultimate pay off; being in control of my own biology; the foundation of my neatly fitting into the culture of biohacking.  Stay tuned for more about my amazing journey through food, stress, age, and grace and follow the easy steps you could take to join me.

Sally Bickford

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