May Cooler Heads Prevail


Wow, it has been one hot and glorious summer!  The days spread out in an endless sea of heat and more heat and lots and lots of sizzling and sometimes fierce and zippy adventures.  I often felt I was swimming in pure heat and no water at times this year.  In between the wonderful swims I did take, my times were filled with opportunities to reach out to distant friends and connect; making up some lost friendship time.  You know the kind where you begin where you left off like no time at all has passed since the last time you spoke?  While with some other more delicate situations, untangling the knots and hurts of old bruises took greater care, more time and commendable effort.  There is nothing like a good friend!  There were new friends to be met this summer too, which proved fun and lively; offering ample opportunities for great adventure.  Even a couple of unexpected summer soirees to introduce entire new communities of people and activities.  How cool amidst all that heat!

Now that summer is giving up her fight just a little, and the nights are cooling off a bit, and my own head is finding a renewed ability to think more clearly again, I am able to both refocus and reflect on the power of those sustaining friendships of these past summer months.  To have a friend, to be a friend, to forgive a friend and to be forgiven by my friends are indeed a kind of sustaining love and energy that fill my heart to overflowing. 

As the last few days of summer wane and fall beckons ahead, I’ll enjoy the bounty of some local gardens as they burst my kitchen counter with tomatoes and I set my stew pot to gently simmer while neat little pesto containers are tucked carefully to freeze, hidden in the back shelves of the ice box, to be savored much later in the tougher winter months ahead when I just can’t stand another moment without those elegant home-grown flavors of summer.    

Hope your summer was glorious too and that even if it was too hot for too many days, you look back and see it was the time of your life and the real friends we do have are to be savored with the kind of fierce courage they deserve!  In the meantime, while the sauce simmers away on the stove inside, throw down a big old plate of those delicious home-grown tomatoes slathered in bright green delicious pesto, enjoy a view from the lawn outside, a good conversation with your beloved friends and drink up the last few days of summer before September comes!   

Sally’s Summer Pesto

  • Roasted walnuts (1/3 c)
  • Roasted pine nuts (1/3c)
  • Plentiful garlic (9 cloves)
  • Salt and pepper (go figure!!)
  • Handfuls of home grown basil leaves (about 5-6 cups worth)
  • Best quality olive oil (1 1/2c or enough to create the consistency you recognize for the future pesto you wish to enjoy)
  • Freshly grated Parmesan cheese (1c)

(and build up your amounts from here for your winter stores ahead!)

Lightly toast in the oven, the walnuts and pine nuts to bring out their best flavors.  Whir up to a pulp in the Cuisinart, the garlic, nuts, salt and pepper and then add the handfuls of precious basil being sure to enjoy the scrumptious fragrance concoctions you are creating along the way.  This is already a taste of pure heaven.  Now through the feed tube, drizzle in the olive oil and lastly add handfuls of the cheese.  Store in a container topped with more olive oil to prevent oxygen spoilage of this delectable greatness, that precious delight, the amazing bounty you, your garden, and our glorious earth have provided.

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  1. What a great essay, Sally. It was just a few days ago that I was baking (and dripping) in the heat you describe, and it’s amazing how quickly I forget about it. You remind me that summer can be so much more than just “checking out.” Some real pearls in your essay. And I can’t wait to try out your recipe!

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