The County Fair

Where I am it is still both warm and cool so still a bit confusing as summer winds it’s beautiful way towards September.  I sleep under a down comforter at night and quickly slip into a fleecy cover up over my pj’s in the morning only to even more quickly start shedding layers over coffee as the temperature around me begins to rise.  Little tempests of heat rise inside me too throughout the day mirroring the struggle summer seems to be having while we both work out what we’re doing. Is it warm or is it cool? Is it drying out or is it humid and moist?  Will they come and mow the hay fields, or will thunder and lightning keep the fishing boats home today? Am I to wear my socks finally or squeeze out one more day of delicious bare feet on the grass while enjoying earth’s heartbeat under my toes?  

Lucky about the cooler nights though, as last night was the perfect night to take in the biggest county fair I’ve ever been at!  It had every thing I ever imagined a big ‘ol country fair would have in it. So much ice cream, fried dough, bbq, slushies, corn dogs, and candy apples to choose from we didn’t know where to start!  Doing our best to keep some order to the known dinner regimen we started with sandwiches and ended with sweets. Well, I suppose!!

As we toured through the 4H barns admiring all the local livestock ambassadors, antique tractors, winning gardens, and stepped in just the right amount of … well you know, we kept our watchful eyes on the sunset and the Ferris wheel as we planned our perfect trip to the midway.  Decades have passed since I’ve been on a Ferris wheel and rides like that and boy, has it been worth the wait! The view, the ride, the company, the pace of the wheel, the clouds, the colors of the sky, and the spectacle of lights and people below gave us all a series of most comforting thrills.  

Once at the bottom, we couldn’t wait to get to our treats of candy apples, fried dough and ice cream!  Licking plates of cinnamon sugar, dusting bits of red candy from our shirts and blouses and wiping our mouths with the most delicious flavors of the fair, we headed for the shooting gallery to try our hands at prizes.  Did we bring home the biggest stuffed teddy bears to enjoy on our beds and couches for the year ahead? You’ll have to wonder.

Sally’s instant rescue remedy first thing in the morning!

  • 1tsp Baking Soda
  • 8oz water

Mix quickly

Drink on an empty stomach at least twice a day!

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