The Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich Ever

You know the kind, right?  The kind you cooked perfectly where the cheese runs out of the bread and browns around the edges and the kind where you don’t burn it by mistake because you walked away and got distracted somewhere else in the kitchen or in your life?   The kind where maybe you were even able to add a little mustard to it inside before the cheese totally stuck the bread together? The kind where you get to make two because you have a friend over to share lunch with? Yeah, that kind.

When my heart hurts a little because something maybe isn’t going my way or when the weather changes too quickly and I’m caught in clouds or rain or the temperature has dropped, or maybe it’s just that summer is really going to be over finally and I find myself a little out of sorts, there is nothing like a grilled cheese sandwich to soothe out the rough patches and tide me over until I can regain myself and allow again the easy flow of life to encourage me along.

Best Grilled Cheese Ever

  • Two slices Ezekiel Sesame Bread buttered on the matching outsides
  • Thinly sliced great cheddar cheese
  • A little golden mustard (should you like)
  • 1 Best Friend (better double the recipe in this case)

Sauté in the pan until brown, bubbling on the edges and perfect in the middle, not burnt.

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