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What’s in the smallest message?  You thought I meant what’s with it, right? In this case it’s what in it.  So, what is in it? Inside the littlest clue, the littlest messages might be the tiniest rays of hope.  Sometimes so small you could easily miss it. You could pass right over the most significant thing and go back to your annoyance with the way the world around you is going rather than see its magnificence, beauty, and treasures.  You could mis-interpret things by mistake. You could make an assumption about it all and just pass on by.

Or, and this is a big or… you could go off and try to find more meaning in there.  You could let your imagination go on a journey. You could see if there is something more you might need to learn in order to grow and keep developing your own magnificence.  

Maybe, just maybe you are creating a new language with someone very special to you.  What if you are inside a void of space, facing the great unknown, alone, and then there is a little message?   When once there was a richness and a dynamic beyond compare and now you don’t know which end is up somedays, you might search for a lot of meaning in such a tiny message.  

What if this tiny message is really a gigantic message?  What if inside it lies a piece of your future? Like what if it represents an action a friend might take?  What if it represents an attempt at shifting power between two people? Could you read that in it?

Perhaps dear reader, you need more context for this post.  You won’t get anything concrete here today. Today is just about the power of imagination and hope.     

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