A knock on the door.

At the Slow Down Café, a wise woman recently shared with me this insight; be very mindful of the fact that you have no idea what is going on in any room (or café!!) before you enter it or with any person before you meet them.  You can make up a million assumptions, guess away, indulge your ideas and be very wrong. You may not mean any harm and be innocent. But you can have no idea what is really happening or going on there until you get curious and explore the space or the person or situation.   Until you calm yourself to the present moment and allow an unfolding of all that can be in that moment, you are only bringing your half and are in no way available to anything else that could be there.

If you bring all your state, your energy, your breathiness, your ideas, your surprise, your emotions, your disorder, then your impact will be the only thing that can be there, not allowing space for what already is or might be.  And how sad if you miss the gem that awaits you inside that room. The gem that the person or situation inside there on the other side of that door may have to share with you or be dying to share with you. You may miss your opportunity to grow in compassion, empathy, grace and love.  And aren’t these the very qualities you wished to bring into that room or to that person in the first place?

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