20 Minutes

Sunday’s are my favorite day of the week.  I love their spaciousness and their tone especially in winter.  They provide a sacred space for me to unfold into in my own style and with my own practice and at my own pace.  For me they don’t require a more customary religious observance or specific affiliation for me to completely honor the power and joy a free Sunday provides my spirit.  Usually a football game easily substitutes for any missing fellowship though when friends can join this activity it’s a Victory kind of Day.

This Sunday I’m enjoying a fire in the fireplace, Yo-Yo Ma on the stereo and a baking ham and cheese quiche made with the last bits of New Year’s supper slowly filling the house with an aroma of divinity.  The Patriot’s have a bye week so this Sunday invites me to write instead and to work on art projects rather than succumb to loafing on the soft couch in the tv room.

A thoughtful 20 minute phone call to connect with a friend is the icing on the cake, initiating my heart to again burst it’s confines, fluttering wildly over a joy and excitement for living.  A walk to the beach and back gets my blood pumping flooding my brain with life force oxygen encouraging even more creativity and imagination.

It’s been just about a full week of the New Year and I’m again struck by the luxury and privilege of having the time and ability to really wrestle around with resolutions, intentions, and potential plans for the year ahead.  It’s been a retreat week of sorts, continuing a healing journey into navigating more and more time in my own company. I enjoy taking this time to roll with the pull of the earths intentions for me coupled with the structure of the calendar we live by.  Both forces offer loving guidance if I just lean into them and listen carefully for their offerings. My trusty pen and paper, handy laptop and voice recorder are at the ready to capture all whispers of wisdom that come my way.

I’ll set about more seriously tomorrow and dig into my work life once again kicking off the new year with new energy and lots of new vitality.

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  1. What is it about the new year holiday that gives us space to both relax deeply and start thinking about productivity? I’m with you, Sally, in appreciating the opportunity to rest and be thoughtful. I just wish I could have enjoyed some of that quiche with you! I love the way you write, and you made it sound delectable.

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