Bulletproof Coffee

I love Bulletproof Coffee!

A couple of years ago I heard about a new food trend: adding butter to your coffee. I was struck by how good this sounded!  Wait! What?!!  Butter in my coffee?  I’d always been a staunch, drink it black like my Grandmother kind of girl, until this moment. On rare occasions over other years I’d try to add something in to the already flawless, inky black swirling steaming little morning cauldron of perfection, and I would always regret it.

Making sure I had the ingredients on hand, coconut oil and unsalted butter, I gave it a try.  Never one to follow recipes too closely, I plunked the fats in the blender, added some coffee, whirred it up and moderately enjoyed my first almost Bulletproof Coffee.   Not fully understanding the effects, nor the ramifications of what I’d done, I set off to enjoy the rest of that day and week.  It was another week or so before I tried the coffee again.  Thinking that adding that kind of fat to my food would be reserved for a treat day.  After another try or two more of this new adjustment to the time honored sacred ritual called morning coffee, I began to discover why Bulletproof Coffee is so amazing.

Clarity, Creativity & Memory Gets Better

I noticed an upward tick in the clarity of my thinking, memory, creativity, and stamina.  My overall general attitude improved.  I began to experience more joy.

All that from a cup of coffee you say?!!  Hell yes@!!  All that from a cup of coffee; a cup of coffee with butter in it.

I use Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil, a liquid medium chain coconut oil, for maximum brain boosting benefit. I also use Ghee as a butter substitute as I notice I have a slight sensitivity to casein, a protein found in butter.

Each morning I enjoy my Bulletproof Coffee.  It’s one of the best things of every day.  I mean it!  I go to bed knowing that I’m just a few short sleeping hours away from next cup of Bulletproof Coffee.

Sally Bickford

November 4, 2017

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Welcome Sally Bickford’s New Website

Sally is up and running with her new “wordpress” twenty-seventeen themed website.  Stay tuned as she starts blogging and more.  Keep up with the latest in bio-hacking, Bulletproof recipes and other ways of making your life just a little bit butter, I mean better. 🙂