We use almond milk in coffee, morning cereal, fruit-smoothies or drink it just plain. This recipe builds you a supply of almonds to draw from over the course of a couple of weeks. Once made, the fresh almond milk lasts about 4 days, not much longer, so it’s better to make smaller batches more often.

Here we go:

  1. Prep the Almonds:
    1. Purchase unpasteurized organic “RAW” ALMONDS. Living Nutz ( offers these
    2. Soak 2 quarts of almonds in FILTERED WATER for 24 hours. Change water 3-4 times during this period
    3. Divide almonds into PINT-SIZED PLASTIC DELI CONTAINERS (each ready to make a 2 quart batch) and store in freezer
  2. Making the almond milk (makes 2 quarts):
    1. In a high speed blender or a Nutri-Bullet add the following:
      1. 1 Pint of frozen almonds
      2. 4 WHOLE PITTED DATES (fewer if you prefer it less sweet)
  1. Fill with FILTERED WATER
  1. Blend ingredients on high speed for several minutes
  2. Pour blended materials into a NUT BAG over a clean bowl
  3. Firmly squeeze nut bag, filling the bowl with ALMOND MILK
  4. Pour ALMOND MILK into Quart Ball Jar and immediately put in fridge.
  5. When we use the smaller Nutri-Bullet I find I have to add some water to fill the Ball Jar


Almond milk is ready to consume once it is collected in the bowl. We recommend getting it into the fridge ASAP as it will have a longer shelf life the longer it is refrigerator. ENJOY!