My strength is your strength

Go ahead bring me your all; my shoulders are broad, my back is strong – for you, and my course is steady.  Thrash about, fight the world, rail against the injustice of hurt and anguish and death and see me standing strong next to you not wavering, not leaving, still staying.  Even if you choose not to look at me, I am here for you and I now know how to stay as the storms and rages of life hurl their torments at you and at us as we lay in wait in often ill prepared condition.  And now I am ready.

My feet are planted strong on the earth, my human nobility engaged, my stake is in the ground to guide me; a slight turn of a rudder this way and that gently shifts and steers my strength to steadily meet you even as gales and squalls and the storms of this earthly life threaten.  I wasn’t always this way and I can’t promise a forever either, but I feel a steadiness now like never before.

In my own life, it took a lot to navigate a few convergent major life passages of parents and children, properties and things over the past handful of years.  All of them in too close succession of each other; pain and loss stacking up like dominos cascading in a non-stoppable inevitable catastrophic unhealthy pile up.  Life hit me in the gut, hard, teaching me again, some powerful lessons. I forgot for a time that we are more energy and less matter, and I lost sight of some great relevance for a moment.  But hey, this is the way life gets our attention sometimes. It gives us what we need to wake us up to what’s important, to what truly does matter and to what else is available for us as resource to go towards now and to show us the path to gratitude and love ever lasting.  

This inner strength is meant as a gift for you to use, my shoulders are for you to stand on and my back bone is for you to borrow as you navigate the storms of your life until you confidently know this power in yourself.